International Trade Documentation and Publications

The Tate Group incorporates Tate Freight Forms Ltd and Stoaway Filing Systems (UK) Ltd 


Today the majority of successful businesses trade with overseas buyers and sellers as a matter of course. However, new exporters and - since the rules for export and import are always changing - experienced exporters need to have the right tools and information to perform their legal compliance obligations. At Tate Freight Forms we assist companies with their export documentation solutions, and provide publications on customs and shipping requirements to over 200 countries.

Despite widespread technical developments in advances economies such as EU, US and Singapore, much export processing is still conducted with paper-based documentation. However, producing correct documentation at the right place and time is a continual challenge for businesses. Export compliance can be affected by a single mistake from a shipping clerk or inflexibility of ERP systems not designed for creating the paperwork for foreign customs requirements.

At Tate Freight Forms we are unique, as we have designed an export solution that automates much of the process of document procurement and supply the data and training required to comply with customs, banks and logistics.

Tate Freight Forms has been the leading supplier of services to international trading companies for 35 years. We help over 3000 customers in the UK, including DHL, Marks and Spencer, Nestle, London Chamber of Commerce, BAE Systems and many more across multiple sectors and verticals.

We are members of the Institute of Export and British International Freight Association.

Documentation and Labels

Leading suppliers of international documentation. From Dangerous Goods Notes and Hazard Labels, CMR Notes, IATA Neutral Master Air Waybills to the complete set of SITPRO export forms. Our Air waybills are approved by IATA CASS and we are official suppliers of EC Certificate of Origin.

We pride ourselves on delivering a high level of customer service and our unrivalled knowledge. Orders are usually dispatched on an overnight delivery service to anywhere in the UK.

Publishing and Solutions

We are publishers of Tate's Export and Import Guides - leading country reference guides to the rules of international trade - and Tate's International Trade Briefing, a digest of news and information. These services are used by businesses throughout the UK and around the World as an essential aid to rules and requirements for paperwork and procedures. Both publications are approved by the British Chamber of Commerce.

Preparing customs compliant documentation is a challenge for accounting systems which are not designed for this purpose. Working with custom made word processer templates can lead to errors and entry duplication. Our app solves this problem with internationally accepted SITPRO export templates and single database that can be used as a bolt-on extension or standalone export system.


We run a series of International Trade workshops for companies and individuals involved with or planning work with overseas buyers and sellers. The courses provide personnel within sales, customer service, finance and shipping with a practical explanation of the complex legal, shipping and administrative environment.

Our introduction courses explore the process from enquiry and receipt of order through to payment fulfilment. We help delegates to understand how to comply with HMRC and foreign customs, successfully manage Letter of Credits and improve the professionalism of across the whole team.

Our trainers are Institute of Export Qualified and have many years experience working in export & imports operations and delivering training programmes.

Stoaway Filing Systems

Our sister company produces a range of high quality storage boxes for day to day office filing and long term archival retrieval of documentation. This system is used extensively throughout the Legal profession among Barristers and Clerks who require robust active desktop storage solutions.


The Tate Group

Our a range of products and services is design help exporters and importers operate effectively within the complex world of International Trade. We assist companies by providing essential skills and knowledge in trade procedures, enabling employees to handle export orders and international product procurement successfully. Our workshops, trade reference, documentation and software applications form a unique suite of 'tried and tested' services. We are associate members of the Institute of Export and British International Freight Association.